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Post-Apocalyptic Amsterdam


If you happen to be in Amsterdam today or tomorrow, you should definitely check out Kunstvlaai 2012, a Festival of Independents, and a “platform for over 70 local and international artist-led initiatives, art schools and nomadic organizations of the contemporary visual arts”.

A lot of interesting, experimental and spot-on installations and artworks are shown. One of them is this project by the New Sculpture Department, featuring a post-apocalyptic Amsterdam. Different iconic buildings (such as Central Station and Scheepvaartmuseum) are portrayed in a decayed condition and in a desolate landscape. Next to that, excavated projects from the future’s past (such as razor blades and a cheese slicer) are exhibited in a fossil condition. All in a gloomy room. 

It makes you aware of the fact that in a couple of thousand years, our cities as we know it won’t be here anymore. Quite a neutralizing thought.

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