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America’s Upcoming Music Scenes: How Cities Produce Unique Music

Still from the documentary on New Orleans’ bounce scene.

One documentary for every city, featuring an upcoming music scene and/or artist, that is what New American Noise does. The beautiful short films do not only tell the personal story of the individual artists, they also show how distinct places and local cultures produce unique sounds and subcultures.

Still from the documentary on New York’s new story telling hiphop scene.

The films show a nice range of music, from New Orleans’ “Sissy Bounce” and Portland’s indie music to new underground hiphop in New York and soul music crossovers in Detroit. Next to that, they really give a distinct feel to every city and show that things such as the type of built environment, the mix of people and economies, the climate and the history make every city exceptional. The cinematic qualities of the series really contribute to this feel.

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