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Livable Cities #pinyourcity Winners

Soweto, from the winning Pinyourcity board (source: iseeadifferentyou)

The winners of the #pinyourcity contest, hosted by Philips Livable Cities, have been announced. Earlier this week, I helped judging the boards in London. The way Pinterest was used as a tool for mapping livability impressions is innovative, both by the organizers (Pinterest is usually only about lifestyle & consumption) as by the people who created the boards.
The contestants were encouraged to show why the city of their choice was the most livable (and lovable) and to tell this story through a set of images on Pinterest. 

A video impression of the judging

We (other judges included people from The Pop-Up CityPolisCITIESUrban TimesFast CompanyMonocleSmartPlanetIt’s Nice That and The Mobile City) picked 10 winners and runners up from 25 shortlisted boards.

Jammin’ in Johannesburg, the overall winning board

The big winner was Jammin’ in Johannesburg, a board by Stephanie Kramer. It was definitely my favourite, especially because it represented different kinds of livability. I believe that livability is a plural thing: everybody has their own indicators of livability: for some it’s mostly about nice bars and theatres or bicycle lanes, for others it’s primarily about being able to make a living or crime-free neighbourhoods. Therefore it is difficult to point out exactly what livability is, but the winning board shows this diversity very well: from arts, education and great food to festivals, beautiful cityscapes and improved safety.

The 10xAmsterdam board, a good runner up

Another favourite of mine was the 10xAmsterdam board by Christina Franken, because she goes beyond the iconic and picturesque city, and because there are some personal connections. I like the fact that she mentions Amsterdam’s fertile startup culture, something I researched (in Dutch). Moreover, she also recognizes the city’s canals as extra public space, something I pointed out earlier this year. She didn’t win, but I thought she deserved an honorable mention.

Read all about the #pinyourcity contest.

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