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London’s High-Rise Craze

"Is London’s skyline going down the tube?" Illustration by Nick Brown

The always sharp Rowan Moore wrote a great piece about London’s incoherently exploding skyline for The Guardian, saying that most large towers currently being built or recently built are of inferior quality, not connected to their environment and creating one-dimensional urban spaces. He wonders how the city’s planning system has become so unbalanced, who is paying for all this, and who is making money out of it.

Do read the full article, “How a high-rise craze is ruining London’s skyline”.  

There’s also a gallery with images of skycrapers recently built and soon to be completed. The pictures do not really illustrate a positive development.

Vauxhall Cross, due 2015. Image: PR.

Thanks Jeroen Pool for pointing out this article to me.

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