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Employ Technology to Create Ownership, Rather Than Smart Cities

Publication cover ©Virtueel Platform, The Mobile City

The Mobile City (Martijn de Waal and Michiel de Lange) recently published a highly interesting research commissioned by Virtueel Platform. The Mobile City is known from the conference Social Cities of Tomorrow, which took place in Amsterdam last month and in which the possibilities were explored to use new media and technological solutions in order to make our cities more social. Many urbanism and technology websites and blogs reported on the conference.

The contents of the publication ‘Ownership in the Hybrid City' (click to download) are in accordance with the conference's theme. The research investigates how to design for ownership, rather than for smart cities. How technologies can be used to make or keep our cities liveable and lively, and how citizens can be empowered to take charge of their living environments. Also, it explores how new media can be deployed to connect different stakeholders in urban issues, and how this can strengthen urban dwellers' sense of responsibility for, and involvement in, their surroundings, their fellow citizens and changing conditions.

The publication is quite revolutionary, using insights from the fields of media studies, geography, sociology, political science, planning and more, in order to understand the potential and threats of new media technology for our urban environments. Go and read it!

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