Mark Minkjan

I’m intrigued by cities and how people use, organize and perceive urban space. Currently I am working on various projects and initiatives that involve research, writing and events in the field of urban development, architecture and local resilience. I earned a graduate degree in urban geography after studying economics and sociology (all University of Amsterdam).

I try to look at cities from different - preferrably combined - perspectives. The implications of architecture and planning for the daily routines of urban dwellers are extremely interesting to me. I am constantly learning new ways to explore and decipher urban dynamics. Furthermore, I like looking at the very micro level of individual urbanites, community issues and placemaking, civic economies, psychogeography, smart cities and smart citizens, social and economic networks, photography, public interventions and spontaneous urbanism, and endless other things related to the ever evolving organisms we call cities. All with a fascination for history.
As an independent writer, researcher, cultural programmer and consultant I work on a variety of projects. Two consistent umbrellas are Failed Architecture and CITIES, under which the lion’s share of my work has been carried out over the past years.
Failed Architecture
For Failed Architecture, I work as a researcher, event organizer and Editor in Chief of the online platform We organize lectures and debates, and research workshops in cities across the world, looking at the underlying dynamics that shape our cities and exploring different perceptions of failure.
For CITIES, I edited 
Farming the City - Food as a Tool for Today’s Urbanisationa book that was recently published. Other CITIES projects I work on are WeOwnTheCity and CITOPIA.
Next to that, I have been working on the redevelopment of a former newspaper building (Volkskrant) in Amsterdam since early 2013. It will be transformed into mixed use building, housing a hotel, affordable studio’s for creatives and independent startups, a restaurant, club and theatre bar. The developments can be followed at (in Dutch).

I am part of Non-fiction, ‘office for cultural innovation’, doing projects on the intersection of urbanism, arts, culture and media.

I am always interested to get involved in challenging projects. This could go from writing short articles and organizing challenging events to long-term research or consultancy. I’m happy to exchange thoughts and ideas. You can send me a digital letter via mail [at] markminkjan [dot] nl or get in touch through social media.

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